DucatsBit faq

Any person of legal age.

The Community does'n’t contrast people one against another and does'nt act on the principle of "divide and conquer".

Everyone contributes to the common good. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid benefiting from others.

Personal Office is a personalized section of the site, available for registered members. Through Personal Office you can:

Provide and Get Help ("buy" and "sell" USDT)

See how your USDT/BTC grow

Create "letters of happiness"

Register newcomers and manage their Personal Office (if you are Guider)

See your referrals and team

Get in touch with:

The Support Team - if you need to solve Personal Office issues

Your Guider - if you need any advice or help

Contact transfer Recipient or Sender - if you need to clear something up about transfer

Click on Support button in your Personal Office. Click on "Create". Select an appropriate category from the list. Specify your question. Clearly describe your situation. The Support Team operators do not see your Personal Office, thus point out all necessary information - Order and Request numbers, your Personal Office login (email), the sender and receiver contacts and so on. Attach any relevant files as proofs (if necessary). Click on "Save". You can create a ticket on any issue. A created ticket will be displayed in the ticket list. You should wait for an answer from the Support Team. When an operator responds to your ticket, a notification will appear beside your ticket.

Google Authenticator (GA) is the authorization method for additional security to enter your Personal Office. GA is an application. It's generating a code to access your Personal Office. GA can be used even without internet connection. It can be installed on smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets. How to install Google Authenticator application. => ANDROID DEVICES Requirements - version 2.1 or later. Visit Google Play page. Search for "Google Authenticator". Install the application. => IPHONE, IPOD TOUCH ? IPAD Requirements - version iOS 5.0 or later. Enter App Store. Enter the search term Google Authenticator. Download and install the application. App configuration: Get the key (GA) in the Personal Office. The instructions are described below. Open Google Authenticator app on your mobile.

WHAT TO DO IF I CAN'T ACCESS TO PERSONAL OFFICE WEBSITE? If you can not access the official DucatsBit website try to: Open it with another browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Clear cache of your browser Check your firewall or antivirus programs If it does n??Tt help, use extensions that enable to avoid blocks such as: Browsec Hola friGate ZenMate These applications are easy to use and compatible with the most popular browsers - Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can also use TOR browser.

The system has the Security Department to track frauds and monitor the proper development of Japanese market. It monitors the integrity of participants. Security Department has rights to require a copy of your passport or a video record with explanations of your actions if you are suspected of committing deliberate manipulations. If your guilt is proven, you will be excluded from the DucatsBit Community. Remember that all participants in DucatsBit is a single entity, therefore the Security Department is not working on behalf of individual personalities and solely acts in the interests of the whole Community. In case of your blocking for suspicious activity, you need to write to the Support and attach a photo or ID scan to verify your identity. In case the participant hasn??Tt violated the rules there??Ts nothing to worry about. He will be unblocked and the ban affect his USDT growth in any way.

If a referral is your relative, the sum of his/her contribution has to be less or equal to yours. For example, you made a contribution of 100 USDT and invited your relative to the Community. The relative can??Tt provide help which is more than 100 USDT. If your relative wants to contribute more money than you did, he/she should register through the registration form on the official site without any referral link. It means that your relative shouldn't be your referral to have the right to contribute more money than you did. The participants who invent various suspicious schemes in order to get more benefits will be blocked until further fact-finding.

DucatsBit is the Community where people trust and help each other. Thats why it uses a principle - only one account for one person???. Accordingly each participant has to have own unique BTC/USDT wallet or bank account. In DucatsBit System you are allowed to add several bank accounts to your personal office. However, note that these bank accounts have to be registered in the name of only one person you. Accounts must have the same name and surname. In that case, if you add to your office accounts that are registered in the names of different people, you are automatically recognized by the system as a fraud and your account will be blocked. It refers to BTC/USDT wallet as well the participant can have a few of them as well. You have the right to request help to be sent to any specified Bank or bitcoin wallet of yours. Also it is prohibited to share your bank account and BTC/USDT wallet with other people!

A participant that created multi-accounts will be blocked. He will be charged a penalty on all his accounts.

Referral scheme is when one person or group of people register several times so that one or group acting in collusion will receive more benefits. As a result all participants will be blocked and charged a penalty.

If different members accounts have one bank account or Bitcoin wallet, such accounts are also considered as multi-accounts. Such accounts will be blocked and charged a penalty.



Kindly go through all information before you register. This is very important! There are no legal guarantees! There are neither investments nor business! No profit or gain, but benefits and rewards!