DucatsBit is a socio-financial community where people help each other. DucatsBit gives you a technical platform to connect millions of its members worldwide who NEED help with those who are willing to PROVIDE help. This is a peer to peer system where members transfer funds directly to each other with absolute gratis. If you are ready to join the community, we kindly ask you to carefully study all instructions and warnings. Should you have any questions regarding any topic, our online consultants are available to help.


Participants exchange funds to one another.


1. Register on the website. (ensure all details entered are real and accurate).

2. Login to your personal office.

3. Click on "Provide Help" to pledge and state the amount you will like to pledge..

4. You will immediately see an order in your PO for PH Verification (Vph); that is 2% of the PH amount. Attend to the order and once confirmed, your pledge will be added to the queue.

5. Your pledge can be matched anytime and when that happens, you will see the details of the participant(s) you are assigned to make payment to.

6. 12hrs is given for payment to be made. ONLY make payment to account details or wallet details displayed on your dashboard.

7. Once you pay out 100% of your pledge and it is confirmed, the 10 days starts counting down for you to receive help of the principal amount plus 50%.

8. You are expected to recommit 100% before it is time for you to receive payment.

9. When it is time for you to receive, click on "Get Help" and follow the instructions. Another participant will be assigned to you and you will receive payment directly into your bank account or wallet.

10. Ensure you confirm payment duly received (Not before! Beware of fraudsters!) to enable the sender's time to receive to start counting down. 6hrs is given for confirmation after proof of payment upload.

SECTION 1 (basic information)

1. Enter Name or Nickname.

2. Enter Valid Email Address.

3. Choose Country (auto mode).

4. Enter Valid Phone Number.

5. Enter password.

6. Confirm password.

7. Check the box about warning

8. Click on SIGN UP.

Once registration is confirmed, go to your email and click on the link to continue to the next step.
SECTION 2 (account details)

Follow the link in your email to proceed.

Enter Bank Account or/and USDT Wallet details.

(A) USDT Wallet

Copy and paste your valid USDT wallet address

(B) Bank

Select currency (if available for your country).

Enter account name.

Enter account number.

Enter bank name.

Crosscheck all details are properly entered.

Click on CONFIRM.

Once this is successful, proceed to login to your dashboard and verify your phone number via Telegram. Then you are set to click on the Provide Help button and pledge.
PH (Provide help)

Profit Example

PH (100 USDT)
vPH 2% Verification
10 days
Total (GH) Get Help
150 USDT
PH (1 000 USDT)
vPH 2% Verification
10 days
Deposit + 50%
Total (GH) Get Help
1 500 USDT
PH (10 000 USDT)
vPH 2% Verification
10 days
Deposit + 50%
Total (GH) Get Help
15 000 USDT
15 300 USDT
  • REFERRAL BONUS 10 000 USDT +10% (1 000 USDT)
  • GUIDER BONUS level 110 000 USDT +2% (200 USDT)
  • GUIDER BONUS level 210 000 USDT +1% (100 USDT)
  • CRYPTO BONUS10 000 USDT +3% (300 USDT)

PH (Provide help)


GH (Get help)



- We want to be sure that participants are ready to make payment before their pledge is matched, therefore each PH in the system will be verified, immediately it is created.

- An order to pay 2% (Verification PH; Vph) of the PH amount will be generated immediately a new PH is created. Once paid and confirmed, PH will move to the queue. Note that the 2% is not deducted from PH amount.

- PH can be matched at any time from the moment it is verified in the system and added to the queue. Therefore, ensure you have the cash at hand before you click on the PH button.

- 12hrs is allocated for all payments to be made, once order is created and 6hrs is allocated for confirmation of payment to be made, once proof of payment is uploaded.

- If time elapses, a button will appear on the order for both participants to click and dispute the order with CRO.

- The reward for participation is 50% in 10 days for both local and cryptocurrency.


- 100% recommitment is required before GH is possible, therefore participants need to create a new PH of equal or greater amount and pay 100% before GH will be allowed.

- By this, participants indicate that they are committed to the system as the system is committed to the welfare of all participants.

- Recommitment is your next PH, hence done in the same way as previous PH and it can be initiated anytime after previous PH has been fulfilled. Once paid and confirmed, GH of previous will be possible..

- The first PH is the minimum PH limit and it can be maintained or increased, but can not be reduced. Once you increase it, the new amount becomes the minimum.

What types of bonuses can i get?

In addition to 50% USDT growth per month participants can get the following bonuses:

    If you use cryptocurrencies (not a bank) to transfer money (provide help), you will receive a 3% bonus of the transferred amount.
    Referral bonus is 10% of the amount your referrals PH. You can invite a participant through your referral link or DucatsBit invite (code word). For example, if he provides help of 10,000 USDT you will get 1,000 USD bonus.)
    10 active direct downlines are required to be upgraded to a guider (they must have paid out 100% PH and payment confirmed).
    Guider's bonus is 2% for 1st level and 1% for 2nd level.
    After receiving help, you are required to send a "Letter of happiness; LOH". If you attach a video to it, you will get a bonus. The bonus is credited for each "video of happiness; VOH".
    - You can be rewarded up to 10% bonus of the amount of help received, if you do a professional video for DucatsBit.
    Record an interesting story in which you are the main character. Tell us how you will spend (spent) the money, what impact DucatsBit community had on your life, how the Community changes your life, and invite other people to participate in DucatsBit. The plot must be interesting and creative with quality recording and editing. The minimum resolution is 640x480. The minimum video duration is 1 min 30 sec.
    - If you show your face and your voice is clearly heard, you will be rewarded a 5% bonus of the amount of help received.
    - For the video where you don't show your face, you will be rewarded a 1% bonus of the amount of help received.
    You need to demonstrate your Personal Office and a photo of your bank accounts statement or an electronic statement from Internet banking as proof of receiving help.
    - You are required to upload the video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram and submit the link to the video alongside your LOH. VOH bonus is credited in Usdt after confirmation and frozen for one month. If you delete the video during this month, you will lose this bonus.


Once recommitment is paid and confirmed and the 10 days is completed for previous payment made, GH of the principal amount and 50% reward, plus bonuses is allowed.

GH of bonuses (referral and guider's bonus) is only possible while GHing PH made.


Participants will not be able to GH more than 2 × current PH amount from referral bonus and Guiders will not be able to GH more than 3 × current PH amount from referral /guiders bonus..

This will help to balance the inflow and outflow of funds and ensure that leaders do not just depend on bonuses, but also participate actively in the system.


All rules for participation in cryptocurrency are the same as local currency, but with added functionality.

- Participation with both local currency (available for some countries) and crypto is possible on the same account.

- The currency adopted is Tether (Usdt). This is a more stable currency with respect to bitcoin since it is associated with the US dollars (USD), therefore you will enjoy better value and participation is global.
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- Blockchain smart contract will be used for cryptocurrency participation, such that confirmation of payment will be automated once confirmed in the blockchain.

- Reward for local currency and crypto is 50% in 10 days.

- Minimum PH is 20 Usdt and maximum PH is 2,600 Usdt. An approximate equivalent range is allowed for countries where local currency participation is available.

For instance; The Nigerian Naira Minimum PH is ₦10,000 and maximum PH is ₦1,000,000

- Exchange between local and crypto currency is made available in the system. A small token of 5% will be deducted as exchange fee anytime you exchange between currencies.


We encourage all participants to follow the rules and be kind to one another. Therefore, in an effort to protect genuine participants, any participant that goes against the rules will have his/ her account blocked and a fine will be required for an account to be unblocked.

- When an account is blocked for any reason; such as multiple accounts, account details manipulation, refusal to confirm payment duly received, default in payment, fake proof of payment... there will be a message to inform the participant that the account is blocked and a button to request for unblocking will appear.

Once the participant clicks on the button, an order will be created with details of the amount to be paid for an account to be unblocked. The fine will be 10% of the last PH amount on that account.

24hrs is allocated for payment of any fine and if the time elapses, the participant will need to write to support and a new order will be generated, which will be "previous fine amount" + 5%, making 15%... Failure to pay again will continue to increase fine by 5%.